Transforming the non-profit sector through effective, committed and passionate leaders.


To advocate planned leadership and to nurture leadership capability for the non-profit sector.


The Centre for Non-Profit Leadership (CNPL) originated as Mentoring Partnership International in 2006, championing quality mentoring through training, consultation and research.  By 2009, it had broadened its scope to inculcating best practices in leadership for the Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) sector, instigating a change to its present name to better reflect its mission of nurturing planned leadership capability for the sector.  It registered as a charity in 2010.

The goal of CNPL is to help the non-profit sector create a leadership pipeline and build effective boards. We provide an effective framework that takes a holistic view of supporting Board Members, and Executive Directors of NPOs in the area of talent management and its alignment to organisational mission.

CNPL takes a strategic as well as programmatic approach to engaging our beneficiary clients. Our strategic partnership approach entails that we engage holistically with non-profit leaders to achieve leadership outcomes across the organisation while our programmes address transitional leadership gaps.


Our programmes and beneficiary engagement are designed based on an integrated strategy to:

  • Source - Identify best fit candidates for board renewal and leadership pipeline 
  • Develop - Cultivate and nurture leadership competencies for better performance 
  • Align - Strengthen leadership capacity to enhance board effectiveness

In supporting the sector to strengthen the leadership of charity organisations through evidence-based solutions, we enable them to run their charities with good governance and best practices. This, in turn, ensures sustainable and high quality services for their beneficiaries which include arts and heritage, children/youth at risk, the elderly, the disabled, families at risk, animal welfare, environment, education, health and sports.

Centre for Non-Profit Leadership is a part of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, which stewards the City of Good vision for Singapore.

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