COMPass is a development programme targeted at Executive Directors (EDs). This programme enables organisation leaders to understand their competency levels through experiencing simulated challenges typically faced by non-profit organisations. 

COMPass (Competencies+Passion) is based on an established leadership competency framework developed for the Singapore non-profit sector. It is a holistic and experiential programme consisting of leadership surveys, a development centre and executive coaching.

The key objective of COMPass is to provide non-profit leaders with greater insights on their core strengths. In addition, it helps them to define a professional development plan to enhance their performance as a leader.

Competency Framework

Underlying the programme is a framework of leadership competencies which are grouped into 5 areas:

1.       Create A Vision

2.       Drive The Vision

3.       Achieve Results

4.       Team Management

5.       Personal Effectiveness


The COMPass programme comprises 5 stages: 

Stage 1: Leadership Traits Survey

Stage 2: Leadership Competency Survey

Stage 3: Development Centre

Stage 4: Coaching

Stage 5: Reassessment



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