Mentoring is for executive directors (ED) who are new to the non-profit sector where they are matched with credible mentors with proven capabilities who are handpicked from the non-profit sector. These mentors use their experiences as well as their expertise to guide these EDs to build up networks for success, resulting in a heightened performance for the EDs and their non-profit organisations (NPOs).

Should EDs need guidance with specific skill sets, mentors can help them learn through sharing sessions and effective demonstrations.

For EDs who prefer to attend the programme through the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership Development Centre, coaching can be another option. 

Here, the coach will work alongside the ED to gain self-awareness, build on his strengths, clarify his purpose and values, and move him to achieve his goals by unlocking his potential. Coaching addresses where the ED is and where he wants or needs to be.

The ED’s aim is to experience transformational changes in his mind-set, behaviour and habits so that these will be aligned to the objectives of his NPO. Coaching, which has been done for years and is often an underutilised resource, is a useful instrument that can help work through a currently unresolved trait in the ED through experiential application. Coaching and mentoring are ideal for advancing non-profit leadership and improving non-profit organisational effectiveness.

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