Picture taken courtesy of ©Mercer.

Star Track is an experiential learning programme conducted in collaboration with global consulting firm, Mercer, as part of a continuous drive to develop leadership capabilities for NPOs. Star Track is conducted in two distinct phases comprising the ‘Talent Game’, a proprietary tool of Mercer and a ‘Strategic Conversation’ that is facilitated by a Centre for Non-Profit Leadership talent management expert.

In the first phase of this workshop geared towards talent management, participants are required to make real-life talent decisions on hiring, promoting, rotating and training staff under different circumstances in a team-based setting on a board game that is played out in two rounds. Each NPO will be required to send a minimum of three participants consisting of a Board member, an executive director and a senior staff member.

Throughout the game, participants will deal with the complexities in putting together a comprehensive plan to manage talent. They will be equipped with an introductory set of tools and thought processes to begin building an integrated talent management plan. This will allow efficient and effective management of talent and align them with the organisation’s long-term vision, goals and mission.

CNPL will then proceed to facilitate a strategic conversation with the NPO in the second phase of Star Track and will explore solutions in areas such as strategy support, talent management, capacity building, onboarding and advisory services, thereby allowing the NPOs to address their own specific talent challenges.

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