Board Match is our flagship programme to bring diversity and rejuvenation to Boards of non-profit organisations (NPOs) by matching senior executives with at least five years of management and leadership experiences from both the public and private sectors to the Boards of NPOs. 

Board Match is designed to address and build leadership capacity, diversity, continuity and renewal at the Board level of NPOs. By partnering large corporations, professional associations, governmental organisations and highly qualified individuals, we have built an extensive database of volunteers who are successful entrepreneurs, senior civil servants and corporate professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise ranging from accountancy to marketing and from fundraising to strategic planning, who are committed to serving on NPO Boards and committees. 

The volunteer will gain an in-depth knowledge of the non-profit sector and value-add by harnessing his expertise for the NPO, directly influencing the beneficiaries. Being on a Board allows the volunteer to contribute to short-term impact and long-term success.

Since the programme began, there have been over 500 matches to 190 NPOs. Volunteers sit for a minimum of four years, which equates to two terms on a Board. 


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