October 2016 - Building (even more) Successful Partnerships – Upcoming Synergy Track Series

Building (even more) Successful Partnerships – Upcoming Synergy Track Series 

Non-profits typically grapple with competing needs, both internally and externally, as well as a multitude of approaches to meet the needs of their beneficiaries. Synergy Track catalyses a collaborative mindset in participants, fosters deeper mutual understanding, and opens up new possibilities in meeting the complex demands of their respective organisations.

Photo: Celebrating partnerships and possibilities after our first Synergy Track in 2015!

The pioneer run of Synergy Track took place in November 2015, and inspired collaboration through 26 participants across 8 non-profit organisations.

Our second run of the Synergy Track series commences on 22nd November 2016, and comprises two engagements:

  • The Organisation Workshop is a full-day immersive and inspiring experience, facilitated by Power + Systems certified consultants, and targets non-profit leadership teams (ED/CEO, Board Chair and/or members, and senior staff members).
  • A strategic conversation is facilitated by CNPL, 6 months after the workshop to deepen the learning translation back to the organisation.

Synergy Track offers a new lens to understand the interactions and processes impacting everyday organisational life. In developing a systems view, participants grow in their capabilities in cultivating and deepening partnerships that bring success to their organisation.

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“Being mindful of the positions we hold in the system and in different contexts and how I respond to them.”

- Mohd Ali Mahmood, CEO, Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura

“Everyone could be a leader at whichever level in an organisation. It is better to over-communicate rather than lack of communication in an organisation.”

- David Hector Ho, Board Member, MYMCA