November 2016 - LEADERS’ LAB: Framework for Fundraising

LEADERS’ LAB: Framework for Fundraising

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” - Hank Russo

The same skills needed in nurturing relationships are the keys to building a sustainable fundraising programme. This was the key message expressed by Jane Binks, non-profit professional and former Director of Philanthropy at NHB, who led CNPL’s 6th LEADERS’ LAB session with a panel of non-profit Board members who have launched highly innovative and sustainable fund-raising programmes. The session was attended by 69 non-profit leaders from 46 organisations.

Jane also shared the following framework, which has guided her through years of connecting with givers. 



Know clearly the transformation and change you’re bringing to your cause. Develop good collaterals that help you share your story better while building your core community and support.



Make fundraising a part of your organization’s DNA by creating a culture which sees everyone, from staff to volunteers and beneficiaries, as ambassadors to the cause. Also, get out there and ask. The main reason people don’t give is because they were not asked.



Follow-through (Stewardship)

Maintain relationships by thanking your givers, informing them of how their donations have helped and involving them with your cause in different ways.

The presentation concluded with Jane imparting tips on building relationships with the board, corporates, foundations and individuals as well as posing crucial questions which fundraisers should ask when creating fundraising programs.

Following which, there was a panel discussion with participation by Maurice Nhan, board member at Student Advisory Centre; and Caroline Kwong, fundraising committee member at Singapore Association of Mental Health. It further explored issues on challenges faced by non-profits locally - from ways of overcoming donor fatigue, to breaking personal barriers of facing rejection, and also why proper governance is valued more than having IPC status.

The night ended in a networking session which saw NPO leaders from different sectors taking the opportunity to connect, exchange and stimulate new ideas, relationships and collaborations.

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