February 2017 - Find that Perfect Match

As a non-profit leader, your challenges are immense. You are tasked with addressing the ever-changing needs on the ground with limited resources yet steeled by the resolve to transform the social landscape in Singapore.

Here at CNPL we believe in transforming leadership at the crux where strategic decisions are made, by engaging and empowering leaders like you.


Through our PeopleSearch solutions we help non-profits by introducing independent leaders into NPO boards / board committees/ advisory councils. With an accessible volunteer network of committed and highly qualified professionals and domain experts across various industries and sectors, we have made over 500 matches and counting. They bring fresh perspectives, rejuvenation and diversity on to the Board, all of which are essential elements for effective governance and stewardship.


We also understand that not all non-profits are run the same way. There are different goals, objectives, stakeholders, KPIs and even different cultures.  All of which present challenges and opportunities. 


Regardless of whether you are a Board Member or the Executive Director, one thing is in common - everyone expects the leader to have ready answers.  Some days, you feel inspired to take on the world; on other days, the burden is too heavy and you are not sure you can carry on. 


“With great power comes great responsibility, and often some leaders find it lonely at the top.


Share with us your thoughts. Take part in our quarterly poll on our website www.cnpl.org.sg and feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] to tell us more.