March 2017 - Cultivating Mindfulness

Great leaders possess both hard skills and heart skills

Taking on a science-based approach by combining neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, expert volunteer Marion Neubronner, conducted a 2-day "Cultivating Mindful Leadership - Search Inside Yourself (SIY)" workshop for CNPL and supported by Company of Good (COG), aimed at gearing both non-profit and business leaders to do good, better.




Pronounced “silly” (yes, that’s right), Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) finds its origins as a leadership development programme within Google, which has since trained thousands of leaders in over 100 cities globally, impacting various organisations like SingTel, LinkedIn and SAP. Marion is a certified SIYLI Facilitator with over 20 years of experience, her knowledge and expertise was shared with 73 participants which included non-profit leaders, fellow PeopleSearch volunteers as well as CSR leads.



Developing Emotional Competencies  

The uniqueness of the workshop which sets it apart from the rest, lies in drawing meditation tactics to cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence in our everyday lives to bring about heightened focus, emotional awareness, and in turn, managing self-care.


For instance, in trying moments, remind yourself that you are experiencing a certain emotion rather than being in the current state of emotion. By doing so, you will come to realise that these negative feelings will come to a pass and allow you to take a step backwards and reconsider your next thoughts and actions.


So what does this mean for you?
Greater well-being, better teamwork and leadership, and more creative and innovative thinking - which are pivotal for the relevance and continued success for any non-profit organisation, serving an ever evolving and changing society.





Mindfulness Tips for NPOs


Self-Care is Crucial
Remember to care for yourself as you help others to prevent burn-out especially when you’re caring/giving all the time.

Be Authentic  
Listen with empathy but lead with compassion. Move beyond being aware and understanding, transform emotions to actions that are instinctive and natural.

Consciousness Matters
Understand your triggers and learn what drives you, helps leaders thrive and make effective decisions.


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